Lani & Kai Founding Principles

Zero compromise sunscreen

At Lani & Kai, we have a do no harm model where every bottle sold not only eliminates reef death, but also contributes to real reef regeneration with our partner laboratories. SPF 30 Broad Spectrum protection that keeps you cool, while preventing aging and burns, our sunscreen is made for you to be outside.



All natural that feels natural

We didn't just want a reef safe sunscreen, we wanted a sunscreen on par or better than the best that's already out there. Made with natural zinc and titanium dioxide and 98% organic ingredients, we've worked with the best to create the best: an all natural, safe sunscreen that’s on par with premium beauty counter products. Never greasy, thick, or white on skin, we're a mineral sunscreen that's better than the chemical brands.


Only as much as you need

In Hawai'i, we malama i ke kai. We take care of the ocean and in return, the ocean takes care of us. Never a drop that goes to waste, Lani & Kai is committed to carry-on sized packs that you use all of. Eliminating 60% of non-recyclable plastics from our packs and our landfills, our sunscreen is made to be conveniently carried. No more lugging heavy, sticky containers. No more sunscreen graveyards of lost or forgotten bottles you keep rebuying in the back of a bathroom shelf. No more throwing away expensive tubes for TSA.


Our Story

Lani & Kai was founded by a fourth generation islander and a team of elite runners and surfers who spend their lives outdoors. At Lani & Kai, it is our mission to tread lightly on our planet. 

In Hawaiian, Lani is the heavens and Kai is the sea. Disheartened by buckets full of sunscreen tossed away at Honolulu's International Airport, and inspired by the coral preservation work done by revolutionaries on the island, Lani & Kai was created to take care of the islands so they can take care of us.