Our Impact

Saving our oceans means taking care of our precious coral. Coral reefs are disappearing twice as fast as the rainforest, and half of the world's coral reefs have already been lost or severely damaged due to climate change. Hawai'i is at the crux of this crisis, holding 85% of all coral in the US.

The phenomenon of coral bleaching has its accelerants. Global warming, for one, fuels fluctuating ocean temperatures stressing coral and causing them to shed the algae that provides them with oxygen. While coral can survive bleaching events, additional stressors ensure they don’t make it back. Chemical sunscreen is the operative accelerant, with harsh compounds inflicting DNA damage and bleaching coral to disrepair.

At Lani & Kai, our mission is to provide reef (and human!) safe sunscreen to care for our people and our waters. We commit to:

Eliminate toxic ingredients: Mineral sunscreens made from natural zinc and titanium dioxide plus a “no-nanoparticle” requirement both eliminate the possibility for absorption by coral, and also the concern of chemicals seeping into consumers’ blood.

Help reverse global warming: Sunscreen is sold in large bulky plastics that can’t be recycled due to the oil residue. We’ve worked with manufacturers to innovative soft packaging that reduces the amount of tossed plastics by over 60%.

Supporting coral regeneration: With every bottle sold, we're supporting real coral regeneration efforts in labs like the revolutionary, Dr. Ruth Gates Coral Research lab in Kane'ohe, Hawaii.