Our Zero Compromise Formula

Lani & Kai is a carry-on sized, 100% natural mineral sunscreen created by Hawaiians for the locals and visitors of Hawai’i. 

Our 98% organic sunscreen is one that Hawaii natives haven’t been able to find: a light-weight, invisible mineral contender, without the notorious thick, white residue and greasy application.

  • ○ FDA approved, SPF 30 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum
  • ○ Zinc mineral
  • ○ Water resistant
  • ○ No parabans, no sufates, no nanoparticles ever
  • ○ Coral reef safe
  • ○ Miracle mineral, lightweight, transparent sunscreen
  • ○ Infused with a light coconut scent

Chemical vs Mineral Sunscreen

The issue with Chemicals

There are two types of sunscreen in the market; chemical and mineral (also called physical) . Chemical sunscreen is the most prevalent form factor on shelves. In the past, it was touted to work by penetrating the top layers of the skin to take in UV rays, catalyze them into non-damaging heat, and release the heat from the body. Not only is chemical sunscreen more likely to irritate sensitive skin, but an FDA study found the key ingredients to absorb so potently, they can concentrate deep into your bloodstream. While this is disconcerting from a health perspective, the effects are exponentially more devastating for coral. A 2015 study found that just “a single drop in 4.3 million gallons of water” - aka a single drop in a football stadium filled with water - is enough to inflict enough DNA damage to bleach coral to disrepair. It is estimated that 14,000 tons of these sunscreen chemicals touch reefs annually.

The purity of Minerals

The other much safer option is physical or mineral sunscreen made from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These sunscreens protect the from harmful UV rays by sitting on top of skin and blocking rays from penetrating. Not only are physical sunscreens made of natural materials (read: much less likely to irritate the skin), they are natural UVA and UVB blockers - no sunburn or aging here, they get to work immediately (no waiting around for 20 minutes for it to work!), and don't build heat and redness. For reefs, these natural ingredients plus our “no-nanoparticle” requirement, both eliminate the possibility for bleaching and absorption by coral. Working top beauty innovators, we’ve developed a premium 98% organic, purely mineral sunscreen free of parabens and nanoparticles, and safe for you and the environment.

Our non-negotiables:

  • ○ VEGAN
  • ○ GMO FREE