These 5 Ways to Sport Sunscreen Will Bring Your Summer Game to the Next Level

These 5 Ways to Sport Sunscreen Will Bring Your Summer Game to the Next Level

Bulky cans and plastic tubes are not exactly designed for this season’s tiny purse vibe. From weekend beach junkies to the travel obsessed, sunscreen is essential for any summer mainstay. Applying sunscreen to ensure that your skin is age protected is the easy part. Lugging it around all day is what gets in the way. SPF 30 or higher is necessary for any outside venture. Dermatologists also claim that wearing sunscreen is key to maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. Containing 100% natural minerals, the Lani & Kai pack is designed to comfortably travel along with you through any adventure!

Whether you’re a runner, hiker, or just enjoy walks in the outdoors, these adorable packs can be easily tucked into the strap of a sports bra. With nothing but headphones and a hydroflask in hand, people often skip reapplying especially on longer runs and workouts, resulting in unfortunate lobster lines. But stay sad shouldered no more! Stick one of these durable, compact packs beneath a strap and voila! The perfect exercise buddy.  

Calling all travelers! Instead of splurging on multiple mini sunscreen tubes from the travel aisle or tossing your full bottle at TSA, consider this easy switch. Store your Lani & Kai pack next to other basic toiletries in your carry-on. Our packs do not take up much space, leaving room for all your other essentials. Expert tip: pack three packs and you’ll have the sneak equivalent of a full bottle.

Extended time outdoors can be hard on the skin. Outdoor class gym rats and athletes are typically out in the sun for hours during peak UV times. You always keep your gym bag stocked with the shoes, leggings, face wash, and an RX Bar. Forgetting something? Keep some handy SPF with you just in case. 

We have all been guilty of forgetting sunscreen from time to time. Anyone else hate buying yet another expensive full bottle to add to your overflowing sunscreen collection?. Instead of one huge (gross sandy) bottle you have to move from bag to bag, leave a pack in your bag AND the car! Glove compartment SPF is clutch.

Lipstick, mascara, even miniature makeup wipes- your makeup bag is stashed with the everyday essentials. It is time to add in one more. Store your pack along with your favorite products to be prepared for any occasion. It can comfortably slide in between items and will take up about as much space as a CC cream.

Versatile, flexible, and stashable. These packs will follow you into the office and through the outdoors. From sunrise to sunset, sunscreen will be your lifesaver. Make sure it never leaves your side this summer! 

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