Sun Chasers: These buns of summer are not gluten free

Sun Chasers: These buns of summer are not gluten free

Meet Jess West. Surf photographer, babe watcher, and winner of best, god-given celebrity name award.
I’m no emoji connoisseur, but I dare you to not respond: “🔥” on Jess and her sun’s-out-buns-out girl gang posts.

Local girl born and raised, Jess is an east side native who casually calls the ocean her “office,” like any inimitable cool girl would. After answering an ad online, Jess began her career as an amateur surf photographer for tourists in Waikiki. I found surf photography by Craigslist!” West mused, “I found a link to Big Wave Dave Surf Co who needed a surf photographer. I started photographing people learning to surf as a souvenir.”

As she climbed the ladder in the surf scene, Jess has taken her talent to the big kahunas, photographing professional surfers with the world’s most beautiful backdrop. No bias, of course. 

Featured above, Jess’s muse: her vixen sister, Chanté. Chanté, you slay 🔥!

Jess is in the sun, “almost everyday, so part of my morning wake up is to put on sunscreen.” Rise and NO shine! Matte sunscreen pun, anyone?
This surf expert’s best sunscreen pro tip? “Use natural, local, reef safe sunscreen.”

I might know of a brand that fits the bill… Stay golden friends!

(All photos credit of Jess West instagram @jesswestphotos)
Lani + Kai Sun Chasers is a series on inspirationals who live their lives outside.

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  • Michelle English

    Well done Jess you are a lovely person best of luck from Ireland xx

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