Countdown to Christmas with Lani & Kai

Countdown to Christmas with Lani & Kai

Feeling like you’re cutting it too close to Christmas? Here at Lani & Kai we’ve got you covered. From Secret Santa favors to stocking stuffer add-ons, there are plenty of ways to stash one of our packs into gift bags for anyone on your list. 

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer 

Check out our Carry-On 1 pack for the perfect little present. This stand-alone pack of mineral-based sunscreen won’t take up too much space amongst the other goodies, and adds a bit of chic aesthetics, if we say so ourselves ;). 


Sustainable Souvenir 

Looking for ways to practice sustainable shopping habits even in the busy holiday season but can’t be bothered trying to figure out which products are legit?Lani & Kai’s Jetsetter 3 pack will ensure that your bestie is stocked up on reef-safe, environmentally friendly sunscreen even past Christmas. Pair these packs with Hemptuary Hawaii’s Soothing Aftersun Gel. Crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients like aloe vera and CBD, this gel plus a L&K pack makes for the perfect green duo. 


Secret Santa

We’ve got a few tips to help you up your Secret Santa game. Grab a Carry-On pack of Lani & Kai for a price-range friendly gift that won’t break Santa’s sleigh--or your bank account! Our sunscreen loves all wearers, from dedicated athletes to relaxed beach-goers and everyone in between. If you’re looking for an even simpler Secret Santa gift, snag a Lani & Kai gift card! 


Travelers’ Treat  

Everyone loves a Christmas in the sand, but not everyone’s prepared for one. Help out your family and friends by picking up a Jetsetter 3 Pack or Party Wave 6 Pack. Take this gift a step further and wrap it with Over Under’s snorkeling mask for THE best beach day. Offering a variety of pastels and bold colors, these masks protect your face and skin from harmful UV rays just like Lani & Kai!

Resolution Requirements

While it is called the season of giving, don’t forget about yourself! If you’re already willing 2022 to arrive, The Jetsetter 3 pack will last you well into the new year, helping you achieve any skin-love or sustainable-living based resolutions!  

Make sure to place your orders before Santa starts loading up his surfboard-sleigh. From Lani & Kai’s North Pole Office, we are wishing you the happiest of Christmases!

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