Morning to Night Hawai'i Must-Haves for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Morning to Night Hawai'i Must-Haves for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Giving back to the planet these days might feel like you have to overhaul your entire lifestyle. But as any true harbinger of change will attest, real impact comes from micro modifications you do consistently. It can be hard, however, to know where to start. That is why we have compiled a hand-picked list of sustainable, eco-friendly products and services for your routine to help you make an easy switch. 


Sunrise to Midmorning: 

Start your day off on the right foot with some zero-waste toothpaste. There are tons of options when it comes to sustainable dental hygiene. Tablets, pastes, and powders all get the same job done and save the planet while they are at it. Many of these toothpastes come in reusable glass jars, ready to be refilled when you’ve run out and make for an oh-so-aesthetic sink! 

Keep your morning routine heading in the right direction with some reef-safe skin protection. Lani & Kai sunscreen is mineral based, containing all natural and organic zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in adorable, compact packs that eliminate 60% of non-recyclable plastic from their packaging. Physical or mineral sunscreen sits comfortably on the top of your skin creating a physical barrier that blocks UVA and UVB rays and doesn't enter your bloodstream of coral’s DNA structures to wreak havoc. Another plus: it will keep your favorite coral reefs safe from bleaching and degradation.



Pack your favorite sandwiches and snacks in beeswax wraps. These wraps are reusable for up to one year, much longer than your typical single-use ziplock bags or cellophane strips. Made from organic cotton and beeswax, Hawaii-based Meli Wraps come in different sizes and beachy bright prints. 

Remember to hydrate! The summer heat is not over yet. Store water in reusable flasks for an alternative to plastic bottles and coffee-shop cups. Hydroflask, Yeti, and Corkcicle are some of the most well known brands in this field. They can feel a little space-consuming especially if you already have a full purse. Check out Hydaway water bottles! Collapsible, reusable, and perfect for any on the go and sustainable lifestyle. 

Find yourself in a food coma? Take a quick phone break! Measure your carbon footprint based on recent purchases and emissions in the Goodside app. After linking your bank account, you can visually see how your spending habits impact the environment. The app will rate your purchases based on how low, medium, or high in carbon emissions they are. Goodside will even share solutions on how to reduce your footprint such as low-carbon recipes!



Even a trip to the beach for some sunset gazing can be sustainable! Keep Wild Co. is an environmentally conscious Hawaii based tote company. Store sunscreen, towels, and swimsuits in their “Bring It Tote Bag” created from upcycled surf contest banners. 

Finish your day with your favorite farm to table meal. Ai Love Nalo and Kaimana Farm Cafe + Deli are some of our favorite local restaurants with menu options ranging from fresh salads to perfectly cooked salmon made from organic and locally grown ingredients. With no need to ship or transfer any products, Farm to Table restaurants have low carbon footprints, impacting the environment one meal at a time. 

Bottom line: change doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself time to make tiny lifestyle switches here and there and then focus on being consistent. Pro tip: pick a single part of your routine to swap with instead of going for broke and trying to change too much at once. Happy switchings! 

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