6 Beach Brands That Give Back

6 Beach Brands That Give Back

If you’re anything like me, there’s always a bikini in my shopping cart. It seems like everyday Instagram is pushing a new kini to obsess over. Need help making the move from flirtation to commitment? We’ve rounded up the top beach brands that give back to nudge you guilt-free across the checkout line. 

Style meets sustainability when beach brands give back. From donating profits to funding conservation organizations to organizing community based beach clean-ups, these 6 brands encapsulate what it means to give back.

Pro surfer Kelly Slater is often recognized for his accomplishments in the water, but what you might not know is that he’s making waves on land. Slater’s new brand, Outerknown, highlights sustainable style, reusing fishing nets as threads for pandemic worthy cozy clothing items, and in 2019 just launched their women’s line, such as shirts and shorts. The brand has also released their “2030 Plan for the Planet,” which doubles down on their circular model, focusing on expanding the use of fishing nets as “endlessly regenerative fibers. 

Taking care of nature in Hawaii is a big part of being a model citizen and embracing the aloha spirit. Aside from leading Hawaii’s bikini scene as a locally founded, wahine led brand, San Lorenzo is active in giving back to their roots: the ocean. The brand recently hosted a beach clean-up, spending a full day beautifying the stunning Kailua beach by picking up trash and plastic waste. 

Want to support a brand that goes above and beyond to help reduce the influx of plastic waste in our oceans? 4ocean products are made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic and glass bottles. With every purchase of their best selling bracelet, the company subsequently removes one pound of plastic from the oceans. And if you are not already convinced that this brand is making waves in the environmental awareness sphere, join 4ocean’s Clean Oceans Club to double your plastic removal impact plus aid in donations to their monthly non-profit partner. 

Aside from producing the most stunning batik and tie dyed beach towels, Sand Cloud’s environmental sustainability efforts are off the charts. Using the #savethefishies, the company is working to save and protect marine life. A massive 10% of their profits go to marine conservation organizations: the Marine Conservation Institute, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to name a few!

Vissla boardshorts are made from one of the coolest “ingredients” out there: coconuts! Coconut husks are upcycled into Cocotex yarn, creating a perfect blend for beachy, bright boardshorts. By upcycling and reusing natural fibers, Vissla aims to reduce the amount of waste in our oceans! 

Similar to 4oceans, United by Blue aims to reduce plastic waste in our beautiful oceans through initiatives led by their brand. For every purchase made, the brand will remove 1 pound of plastic from the ocean. They sell a wide variety of coastal chic products from beachy basics to warmer winter items. They also host clean-ups in states like Oregon, California, and New York, embracing their motto of turning the tide. 

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