Toxic SPF

Always Chemical Free

No Compromise Sunscreen

In a past life we worked with the biggest sun brands in the world and were shocked by the inflated margins and chemical ridden formulas - so we did better: organic and compact with a premium feel.

All Natural Healthy SPF

Our non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide formula takes only the good and leaves all of the bad. No reef (and human) toxic chemicals, no sticky, greasy formula. Come for the ocean friendly formula, stay for the silky matte, transparent finish.

Only as Much as You Need

Ditch the bulky bottle, SPF should move with you. We designed pack after pack until we eliminated 60% of non-recyclable plastics in our ecofriendly soft packs. Perfectly pure and portable.

Mahalo for your ❤️

Mahalo for your ❤️

It's so cute and feels really nice on and doesn't leave a ridiculous cast for being mineral.


Typically I get burnt if I spend more than a couple hours in peak UV regardless of how often I reapply, but I have yet to burn while wearing this. Great for beach days or outdoor workouts.


We love your product! It's the only reef safe that doesn't come off & no breakouts too 🥰


This is absolutely my favorite sunscreen. It's so hard to find sunscreens that aren't greasy, won't clog my pores, don't have a white cast AND are reef safe. This sunscreen checks all the boxes and smells incredible.


Nice scent, spreads easily. Beautiful packaging easy to take on the go. Will be giving as gifts for family and friends.


Love the sunscreen! We use it on the go all the time with our toddler. We keep one in the stroller, diaper bag, and hiking pack!


The packaging is not only cute and eco-friendly but so convenient to carry around vs a bottle. I throw one in my purse, my car and even my baby's diaper bag, there's always a need to have sunscreen on!

Hannah S.

Love this sunscreen. It lasts for hours even through my sweat; the packaging is compact and lightweight; the smell is very light; and the color is nearly transparent.


I’m usually concerned with sunscreen coming off when I’m in the water. This sunscreen proved to be reliable/prevent sunscreen getting in my eyes.


We've been looking for a mineral-based sunscreen that doesn't turn your entire body white and this stuff does the trick. It has a nice, mellow smell and we love how travel-friendly the packaging is.


☀️🧴 Sunscreen > 👩‍💻 Laptop Screens

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