Sunscreen safe for
our reefs

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The Hero, Save the Reefs |  Sticker

The Hero, Save the Reefs | Sticker

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The Save the Reefs Sticker is a favorite on surfboards, skis, jeeps, boats and campers... and of course works on laptops, water bottles and phone cases!

Sport the sticker and spread awareness on the chemical SPF ban.

The Save The Reefs sticker measures approximately:

Small sticker: 3” x 2”
Large sticker: 4.5” x 2.5”


A single drop of chemical
SPF is enough to kill coral
Are you still using a chemical SPF?

for the sea

Dries silky, matte
& whitecast free

We were sick of choosing between harmful yet lightweight chemical SPF and thick, chalky mineral products. Introducing a 100% clean formula with no sticky, greasy or white leave behind.

organic SPF

Shocked by the number of false ‘reef safe’ claims, our pure non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide formula takes only the good and leaves all of the bad. No reef (and human) toxic chemicals, premium organic ingredients.

Compact pack,
equal quantity

Ditch the bulky bottle, SPF should move with you. We designed pack after pack until we eliminated 60% of non-recyclable plastics in our ecofriendly soft packs. Carry on friendly.